The globalist NWO

Last updated: 2021-10-27

Agenda 21

Many years ago I learned of Agenda 21. I was concerned that at a national level, so many of our politicians just saw themselves as administrators for UN mandates. These are dictated by foreign powers and special interest elites that none of us general public have ever been given any say in. Rarely did they appear to be in the best interests of our people and our country. I also learned of foreign NGO's like ICLEI being hired to advise our regional authorities infra structure, once again without reference to what we, the actual people who live here, might be wanting.

Alas, any attempt to discuss it was met with derision as conspiracy theories. I began to doubt myself. I thought maybe I was just being paranoid, so I didn't maintain my blog sites on the topic.

Recent events however have brought it back into focus with some urgency as drastic measures are being rushed in by the powers that be. Many are allegedly be to curb climate change but scientific justification is speculative at best. Meanwhile our national industries have collapsed with manufacturing going overseas to countries that offer cheap, child, or slave labour. It is eroding living wages for working class while mass migration is undermining our national identity and adulterating core values of our cultural heritage with often incompatible diversity.

I made a video to see if I could get more people interested. Here it is on Bitchute.

Then I joined a national sovereignty group. Sadly that fell apart after the Christchurch Mosque Massacre, because inexplicably the foreign gunman who was a self proclaimed eco-fascist and an admirer of the Chinese CCP regime was branded a white nationalist by our mainstream media. Equally inexplicable was that anyone concerned about the impact of UN migration policies was being seen as sympathizing with said deranged perpetrator, but I will address that later.

Today, the internet is throbbing with information about the world domination plans of the international financial elite. What had been a trickle of tidbits has swolen to a deluge of comprehensive analysis and documentaries, beyond what most of us can process. Thus once again many just don't want to engage with it. They blindly put their trust in authorities and consequently committing to the globalist agenda without comprehending the implications for society and individual liberty.

Agenda 21
I shall start with a succinct discussion of most salient aspects from the UN Agenda 21 document from the Rio de Janeiro summit in 1992. I've cloned a copy on my info site. If you want the whole pdf click adjacent thumbnail and save with the right click menu. However here my main aim is to distill the essense of what they are proposing, to give my insights and also contemplate what alternatives there may be.

The Preamble

Agenda21 Preamble

A preamble is the introduction to a formal document that explains its purpose. Just read the first paragraph... to get the gist of it before I give you my analysis.

It's word salad: Both environment and development concerns may be in direct competition with people's basic needs. More prosperous future usually results from initiative and opportunism. Efficiency is naturally achieved through competition and survival of the fittest drives evolution.

Every nation is more likely to be in a better position to manage it's own resources and negotiate deals for mutual benefit without third party interference.

There is no record of "nations of the world" doing referenda to ask their people if they wanted this, nor of open discussions taking place. They advocate engagement of NGOs, but those will be undemocratic special interest groups pushing an agenda. They advocate financial resources be provided to "developing" countries, but fail to acknowledge that the reason investment is not forthcoming from the financial sector is the instability of corrupt political regimes.

An era of "sustainable development" is advocated, it sounds good, but realistically what does it mean? Does not almost every development go through the stages of a finite lifespan on a finite planet.

On what authority to these autocrats presume to speak for humanity?

to be continued...

I will be getting back to this analysis as I think it needs to be done as objectively as possible, however there are more creative things I want to be getting on with so I'm putting it on the back boiler and there may well be other pages appearing on this site before I finish this one.