Protest Fatigue

Last updated: 2021-03-31

Extinction Rebellion

A while back I had a disagreement with Extinction Rebellion advocates and they were convinced I was "shilling" for the petro chemical industry, but I don't think they understand how the alleged climate change sophistry is being abused as a prop for the globalist agenda. IMHO what it's really about is crashing the economies of affluent countries: The Great Reset as the WEF calls it.

In this process they will be taxing us and milking us for "carbon concession" payments. All that money will go to profit the financial elites who are the "stake holders" in certified carbon concession industry. Meanwhile 3rd world nations under the UN Agenda 21 will be exempt from ecological restrictions, allowing the financial elite stake holders in multinational corporations to exploit cheap labour and cheap energy with no consideration for the environment or explotation. A few corrupt UN endosed pippet regime reap back handers from their "philanthropic" foundations and pocket the taxes they extract from their own people. We in the west will be reduced to bicycles for transport and prohibitve energy costs may leave many of the working class and elderly out in the cold as we watch our financial Gods steak accross the heavens in their "charriots of fire" - private jet planes.

It's outrageous that the big tech UN propaganda machine has the power to demonetize Rebel News and I only hope they manage to survive financially on alternative media.

Sham Democracy

We are up against a formidable foe who controll all the money and all the guns and the only thing we can do is to not comply and not contribute and expose their puppet politicians who signed us up for this UN bull-shit without so much as a refermdum. IMO our governments are not our representatives. Left vs Right is a false dichotomy. This is a sham democracy where both camps serve the financial elites.

The conspiracy fact of globalist infiltration is epitimized by the Biden election steal. The collusion they received from the highest echelons of the judiciary shows just how deep the govertnment corruption goes. During the US 2020 election I made condensed summary of the Mike Lindell (My Pillow) investigation.

It's not only the USA that is under seige from the corporate hegemony. This is world wide. Here in New Zealand too our democracy is a total farce as there is no a single politician opposing the globalist agemda. They all know on which side their bread is buttered, but more about that, another time.

Big Tech propaganda machine and Fake News

It was only my intention to help people decide if they wanted to actually watch the full presentation and make their own mind up, but Youtube deleted it and threatened community strikes too, had it not been "my first offense".

Note: I contested the Youtube decision with as result that they will no longer even inform me. I deleted ALL my Youtube content, not as a rage quit, but out of self defense against such a platform, that at any time may decide to sanction me for what I had created even though I could not possibly have know what the eventual outcome might be. Suerly it's up to each mature adult tp decide what we lend credence to? IMO we ALL need to walk away from the creepy controlled media.


I shall leave you with an excellent presentation by Carl (Is It Just Me NZ) on how the role of our fourth estate in society has been hijacked. Personally I think it's a shame he is still making content for the lokes of Youtube, but OTOH he just doesn't get many views on Rumble.